7 Tips For Creating Your Unique Travel Blog

Travel blogging is huge right now and why not.

The way to the top of the heap in the world of travel blogs means taking time to learn what it takes to set your blog apart from the rest. People loved reading books and guides by Bill Bryson and Anthony Bourdain. Why not set your sights on joining that special select group of travel bloggers.

Check out these tips from Matthew Kepnes, credit: Copyblogger.

Travel blogging has become a popular profession in recent years. When I started my blog in 2008, I only knew of a handful of dedicated travel bloggers.

Now, there are thousands of people trying to make it in the industry. Last year’s travel blog conference, TBEX, had more than 1,200 attendees compared to 100 just five years ago.

The dream of getting paid to travel the world drew me to the profession. I wanted to write guidebooks and be an intrepid travel writer like Bill Bryson or Anthony Bourdain.

Travel bloggers are just like other bloggers, though: they want to overcome obscurity and make it to the top of a big heap.

The problem is that new bloggers tend to follow established patterns and copy the success of others. In doing so, they end up contributing to the echo chamberin their field.

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