Actor And Travel Writer Finds Roots In Ireland

Andrew McCarthy Best Known As Blane (Molly Ringwald’s heart throb) Shares His Passion For Travel Writing.

If there is one trip that saves your life, for Andrew it was walking across the Camino de Santiago in Spain. He has much more to share in his recent interview with NPR’s Rachel Martin:


Andrew McCarthy may be best known for his acting roles, but he’s also an accomplished travel writer. NPR’s Rachel Martin speaks with McCarthy about travel writing and discovering his roots in Ireland.


Andrew McCarthy is probably best known to a lot of us as Blane, the object of Molly Ringwald’s affection in the movie “Pretty In Pink.”


MOLLY RINGWALD: (As Andie Walsh) I’m really sorry for bumming out the night for you.

ANDREW MCCARTHY: (As Blane McDonnagh) You didn’t bum out anything. I had a great time.

RINGWALD: (As Andie Walsh) Liar.

MCCARTHY: (As Blane McDonnagh) I was with you. I had a great time. If I was in a Turkish prison, I’d have a great time with you.

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