Cliché-Free Traveling Writing

Some Top Tips For How To Keep Your Travel Writing Cliché Free.

You will be shocked to learn some of the most frequently used and abused clichés in travel writing. Dan Brotzel shares his top five tips for how to avoid this pitfall.

Writing fresh, interesting copy about the same old places.

A Google search on the phrase ‘unspoilt beaches’ yields 242,000 results.

It’s the default phrase travel companies tend to reach for when they want to say ‘that the bit of land next to the bit of sea’ in a destination they serve that is rather nice.

Unfortunately it’s a phrase so over-used as to be almost meaningless.

If every beach you fly planes to or provide accommodation at is unspoilt, how can I tell any of them apart? Come to think of it, what does ‘unspoilt’ even mean in this context?

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