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Women Who Love To Travel Won’t Want To Miss This Trip.

We can’t get enough when it comes to reading about travels in Costa Rica. Tortuguero features the fascinating Costa Rican Green Sea Turtles.

Immerse yourself and learn from a story teller and recent graduate while she shares her visit to Tortuguero:

The monkeys wake you up at dawn, rudely howling over your roof to one another. When they’re quiet, though, you can hear the racket of birds and insects and wind and waves. You aren’t something separate from nature in Costa Rica. Your conversations, music, and motors aren’t ever loud enough to drown out the forest—humans simply add to the rhythm.

Once you accept that, it’s easy to get along with the inescapable wildlife. For example, my roommates and I had a lizard friend that liked to shower with us, and sometimes there were cockroaches joining us, too. We named the lizard Tom, keeping a wary eye on him while we washed our hair in the cold water—we ignored the cockroaches, and they ignored us.

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