Some People Are Born To Travel

Do You Have The Wanderlust Gene?

If you have the travel gene, perhaps a travel writing career is the most perfectly suited career for you.

Do you hunger to explore, relish in the unexplored, and you just can’t sit still or constantly planning your next getaway. You may very well have the travel gene in your DNA.

There are some people who never feel the urge to leave the house. They’re content to stay in the city they came from, the couch they sit on, and the 360 degrees that immediately surround them.

Then there’s the rest of us: the people who can’t sit still, perhaps meditate to Anthony Bourdain, and always keep their passports on them – just in case.

Whether you call it wanderlust, a love of travel or regular old curiosity – the fact remains the same: Your hunger to explore simply cannot be quenched, no matter how many vacations or journeys you take.

For you, there’s always something new to see, something different than you’re used to. You enjoy day trips, but you also realize there’s only so much you can see in 24 hours. You’re into one-way flights and trips without a destination.

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