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Tourists Seeking Information About Visiting These Top 15 Destination.

More travelers are seeking to learn about destination in the Philippines. Now you can cash in on the trend for more information about what to see and do in these favorite destinations.

From the Cambolo rice terraces in Ifugao to the pink sands of Boracay Beach, find out for yourself what the Philippines is all about for travelers.

With the closing of the year 2014 came the opening of the Visit the Philippines Year (VPY) 2015. Last year, the country’s Department of Tourism headed a campaign called “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”, which aimed to increase the tourism in the country, and this year’s tourism campaign, “Visit the Philippines Year 2015”, also aims to continue the advocacy.

It was seen in the past year that the tourism in the country has indeed improved, and the Philippines has still more in store for those who plan to visit it this year. Here are the top 15 travel destinations in the Philippines that you shouldn’t miss:

The waves of modernization seems to have never reached the Batanes group of islands. Instead of malls are the so-called “honesty stores”, where costumers take and pay for their things honestly without the owner looking after them, and instead of cinema houses is the scenic view of the starry sky and the sea. Batanes is secluded, small, and serene, and everyone here knows each other. Experience life at its most basic form in these little islands.

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